Why is my phone not charging

Please ensure:

  • If you have a phone case, it is flat and does not contain any metal, centrally located magnets, card holders, pop sockets or kickstands.
  • Ensure your phone is aligned as centrally as possible. 
  • Check if your phone is Qi wirelessly charging enabled. 
  • Check your sticker position through recalibration. 
  • Check your table thickness is within the stated performance range. 
Why do the audio confirmation beeps take different amount of time?

The time taken to beep is determined by how accurately you have positioned your device. A center position will beep faster than a misaligned placement or at greater distances, i.e.
25mm (1.0”). Thicker cases can also cause longer recognition time and therefore longer time to beep. Recalibrate if necessary to improve sticker position or center your device on the sticker more accurately to get a better alignment.

Why has my phone stopped charging?

The UTS-1 is designed to recognise and react to temperature changes within your phone which can occur after extra long charging periods of 3 hours or more. In these instances, the charger may enter a standby mode to allow your device to cool if required by your phone until the device requests more power. This feature ensures better battery health and longevity for your phone.

Why does my phone feel hot

Increased phone temperatures during wireless charging are normal during longer charging sessions. Our IPC™ technology is designed to minimise phone heating however, if your phone is hotter than usual, please ensure you have aligned it correctly and try again. 

Can I switch the audio confirmation off?

Yes – if you would prefer or need to use the charger without the audio confirmation buzzer system, you are able to turn it off. However, without the audio confirmation, your phone is not necessarily charging just through the charging indication on your screen. If you choose to use the device without the buzzer, please ensure your alignment and setup is correct and accurate.


  • To disable the buzzer.
    • Switch your height toggle switch to calibration mode and switch back to your original height position and listen for the number of audio beeps
    • Repeat again to disable or enable depending on preference.
Why do the charging speeds vary?

Different phone models have different battery sizes and charging profiles therefore take different amounts of time to charge, with large batteries especially taking longer. Charging speeds may also slow at ≥80% in IOS models due to Apple software requirements designed to limit battery deterioration during wireless charging.


The UTS-1 recognises IOS charging signals and corresponds by adapting charging speeds until your device requests more power. Please try turning OFF ‘Optimised Battery Charging’ in your ‘Settings’.


Charging speeds will also vary depending on the surface thickness. Thicker surfaces will reduce charging efficiency due to the greater distance the charging signal needs to travel.

What does the flashing LED indicator on the charger mean?

A flashing LED is an electrical system fault error( please see LED indication section (Page 12) on the user instructions.

How do you daisy chain my wireless chargers?

Two UTS-1 chargers can be connected in series using one adaptor and a connector cable but only through the dedicated daisy chain power adaptor which must be purchased separately. Please see product details here.